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Freelance Technologist

Client Case Studies

Tamu Favorite Bronx Filmmaker, Screenwriter, and Actor

Tamu's desktop PC has been uncooperative of late. She also needed some instruction on using her new Apple MacBook Pro. So it's Steve to the rescue! I first walked her through the necessary steps on her MacBook, then tackled her PC. I reinstalled Windows Vista, applications, and device drivers. Tamu also needed help submitting her short film to reel13 via vimeo. I edited her film to match reel13's running time requirements, uploaded it to vimeo, and walked her through the online submission process. See it here: Harriet Returns

Kyissa Jemine Blogger at Taty's Mommy Inc.

Kyissa wanted some adjustments made to her new blog (add and position her own header graphic) and also to be shown step by step how the adjustments were made. I made the adjustments, explained to her what I was doing, and also gave a quick crash course in HTML/CSS. I also had to resize the header graphic, and showed her how she could do it herself. See her blog in progress here: Taty's Gramp

Yazmin Lopez Washington Heights Fashionista

Yazmin wanted to start a fashion blog. We discussed what exactly she wanted and went over the details and design concepts. I built her blog on WordPress, edited the template (HTML/CSS and a little bit of PHP) until I achieved the look she wanted. I also provided instruction on how to resize pictures in Adobe Photoshop and how to create and publish blog articles. See the results here: Beyond Fashion by Yazmin

Chris DuBrock Los Angeles Film Score Composer and Musician

Chris needed someone familiar with HTML to update his website news, as well as someone who can edit and manipulate graphics and audio/video files to showcase his work online, so he came to me. I took care of everything, including creating new title graphics. Long story short, see here: Chris DuBrock, Composer

Marilyn "Salomé" Figuereo Manhattan Make-Up Artist

Marilyn was having some problems with her wireless printer - it wouldn't always print. Turns out the printer had a dynamic (DHCP) IP address, making the printer inaccessible every time the IP address changed. Like moving without leaving a forwarding address. I set up a static IP address and all was well. I've also done optimization and malware cleaning/removal on her Windows Vista PC.

Raymond Pratts Jr. Owner at Pratt Construction

Ray's home/business computer wasn't working. Turns out the motherboard was shot. I sourced an exact replacement on ebay and swapped out the parts, and all was well with the world. I've also optimized his PC (Windows XP) to run smoother, removed malware, upgraded memory, removed dust buildup, and more!

Christopher H. Security Officer at BMCC, Aspiring Creative Professional

Christopher had some old recordings on cassettes that he wanted transferred to digital media. I was the man for the job. I transferred the data, cleaned it up a bit (noise/hiss removal) and provided the finished product on some shiny new CDs. I've also removed malware from his Windows Vista PC.

Ahmed F. Upper East Side Doorman

Ahmed provides first-class service to the rich and famous, and needed me to provide first-class technical service in the form of networking his home. I installed a network switch, configured his router to provide DHCP adresses, cut, crimped, and connected all the cat5 cables, and voilĂ ! Home networking enabled. Of course, I've also done optimization, malware cleaning/removal, memory upgrades, and other PC (Windows XP) work for him.

Kola O. In the service of the Nigerian Consulate, Midtown near the United Nations

Okay, now we're getting international! Kola needed my help with a copy machine in the office - it was producing very unclear copies. Turns out the scanning surface was dirty, it even had a dried corrective fluid spot. But I cleaned it up quickly and efficiently. Now producing the best copies in the world!

Shelda E. Works at MTV Networks and Comedy Central, NYC

Shelda wanted a wireless network set up for her home. I set it up for her and enabled security options so that only her devices would be able to connect. I've also optimized her Windows XP PC, installed and updated applications, and more.

Lumi L. Works at a Manhattan furrier

Lumi's work computer suddenly conked out. After getting the okay from her boss, she brought me on board to examine the cause. My diagnosis was - (dramatic pause) a failed power supply. I replaced the power supply with a brand new one, and bingo! Back in business.

Henry V. Professional at Bloomberg, LP

Henry needed help setting up Microsoft Outlook at home. I walked him through the process step by step, over the phone. I've also done work on his home computers - memory upgrades, performance optimization, malware/virus cleaning, and more.

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